• Sareban Trade GmbH

    Sareban Trade is a commercial limited corporation based in Hamburg, Germany which is working in the field of import and export between ،Tunisia, Egypt, Algeria and other countries and EU. Currently, the main field of activity of Sareban Trade includes steel, automobile and water taps.

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    Steel trade

    In the steel sector, Sareban works with its joint venture company called MANNAN ( established in 1976).
    Our extensive 40 year experience and background knowledge in overseas trade, has strengthened our position and enhanced our performance. This has increased our reliability and integrity in this field.
    The steel sector is the main focus of the company for trade activities, playing a pivotal role in domestic market.
    Marketing and selling of the whole supply chain of steel products from iron ore to any variety of steel products in the highest range, is being considered of our business in the steel sector.
    Our products are mainly used in automotive, construction, energy and power, oil and gas, maritime, lifting and excavating.
    Our core competencies are mostly focused on the followings:

    • The company’s supply and sales sectors in domestic market is capable of providing customers with the most up to date information regarding the size of supply and prices. This gives customers reassurance and security when buying our products.
    • Our team of experts work closely with our customers to meet their demands and answer their enquiries regarding the purchase of high quality products, delivery requirements as well as secure and reliable money transactions.
    • The existence of our sister companies in China,Taiwan,Malaysia and UAE, is an asset to our company which eases the process of export and enhances the fluidity of the export within our supply domain.
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    Taps trade

    About Taps

    For baths and showers, mixer taps frequently incorporate some sort of pressure balancing feature so that the hot/cold mixture ratio will not be affected by transient changes in the pressure of one or other of the supplies. This helps avoid scalding or uncomfortable chilling as other water loads occur (such as the flushing of a toilet). Rather than two separate valves, mixer taps frequently use a single, more complex, valve controlled by a single handle (single handle mixer). The handle moves up and down to control the amount of water flow and from side to side to control the temperature of the water. Especially for baths and showers, the latest designs are thermostatic mixing valves that do this using a built-in thermostat, and can be mechanical or electronic. There are also faucets with color LEDs to show the temperature of the water

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    Second Hand Vehicles trade

    About Vehicles

    In 1974 an unusual executive car offering, also from British Leyland, was introduced and commonly known as the Princess but was initially marketed as the Austin and Morris 18-22 series and Wolseley Saloon. These cars offered the sophistication expected of an executive car but in a smaller, more space-efficient package.[2] Luxurious trim, a six-cylinder engine and automatic transmission were available to give the cars an upmarket positioning. They were replaced in 1981 by a similar car with a hatchback body, called the Austin Ambassador. The Princess and Ambassador were closer in spirit to the FWD Renault 20/30 than their in-house rivals.